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“Mr Wasiur Rehman the lawyer in-charge of my case was very patient, understanding and thorough with the details. I would like to thank him and his team for helping me to settle my Court Case. For the past few months, I was worried about my case but Mr Wasi has never failed to reassure that things will go smoothly. I would recommend Regal Law LLC to my friends, relatives and colleagues if they need help with Court cases. Keep up your good work Regal Law. Very professional.”

Mr. R

"Regal Law is an awesome law firm. Mr.Abhi is an awesome guy and Mr. Sinna is an awesome lawyer................. Mr. Abhi is a good listener and took down all my points with patience. Mr. Sinna is a very good lawyer, added more legal points to my notes to him............ I will highly recommend Regal Law firm to everyone with legal issues. Thanks to Mr. Sinna and Mr. Abhi. I am very grateful to them. My case finished within 3 months. Lawyer fees is very affordable."

Mr. B


    At Regal Law LLC, we are committed to providing quality and affordable legal services. We strive to do our best for the clients, keeping in mind their interests and also being a trusted and reliable partner to clients.

    Regal Law LLC aims to be known as a quality service provider by the courts and government agencies. With commitment to not only our clients but employees, we aim to be a likeable and trusted employer to current and future employees.


    We believe that when someone faces a legal problem he or she needs a listening ear, a lawyer who is willing to listen to them and advice them on the right course of action. Our team is experienced and well-equipped to handle complex legal problems and are willing to go the extra mile to help and support our clients during their tough times.

    Numerous positive feedbacks received by us testify that our clients like us for what we do for them. A companion in their hour of need that’s what we are and will always be.

    “I really appreciate Mr. Sinna’s support…………… He was the only lawyer who believed me and negotiated with prosecutor utilizing his experience and knowledge……… We finally found out right fact, as a result we ended up with desired result…………………….. Again, thank you so much for your support. I truly appreciate it!”

    Mr. Y

    “You have given me a new life. (Finally given a stern warning.) It would have been impossible without you……….. You are not just lawyers, but also the ones who stood by me like family through thick and thin…….. I can’t thank you enough. I will be very happy to recommend you. You know your job well.”

    Ms. T


      Our clients appreciate us for what we do for them. We have numerous satisfied clients whom we have helped achieve positive results. We thrive to keep supporting our clients.